TOEFL Speaking Test Prep

This course is designed to give you practice and improvement on the TOEFL Speaking Exam, which measures oral English fluency and communicative proficiency in the 2 areas of Independent and Integrated.

There will be a total of eight (8), 50-min live online classes throughout the 4-week course: two (2), 50-min online classes per week for 4 CONSECUTIVE weeks (other schedule options are available; please ask).

Each class will give you two (2) simulated, Mock Speaking Practice Tests so that you can practice, improve, and feel more comfortable when you take the official TOEFL Speaking Test.

This is a private, individual, 1-on-1 course, so you will get plenty of individual attention, practice, and results. If you want, you are free and welcome to invite your friend(s), relative(s), co-worker(s), and classmate(s) to your course!

Upon registration, the student will be emailed the link to a scheduler to book the date and time of the first class. Subsequent classes can be scheduled either via the scheduler or by agreement with the teacher.

The teacher is generally available for this course Mondays through Saturdays from 8 AM to 11 PM U.S.A. Eastern Time (New York). In other time zones: FROM [3 PM London | 9 PM China] TO [6 AM London | 11 AM China].

Instead of the entire 4-week course, you also have the option to pay for and take just one day or one or two or three weeks of the course! These weekly course sections can begin on any day during the course.

USD 100 .00

USD 15 .00

USD 30 .00

USD 60 .00

USD 90 .00

Course Summary

Starts On 4/28/2019
Registration Begins 4/10/2019
Registration Ends 5/25/2019

This course is provided by Teacher Robert.

For more information please contact Teacher Robert on Phone # WhatsApp # +1 915 235 1205 or by email address